A stitch: playing with the alphabet

Perhaps this is an old idea I returned to last night. I was thinking about the stitches I’ve been focusing on this year and trying to unwind from work. So I doodled with a little stitch that looks like an “A”. Of course, I couldn’t resist adjusting things from there.

Here is a quick step through:






Here are thoughts that came to mind on using it.




Now turning a corner, I want to draw attention to a new blog, I’ve recently started following. Anne Stradal of The Cape Stitcher has just finished a series of posts on transferring one of her father’s pen and ink drawing to a needlepoint canvas. Anne has given many helpful comments and tips in these posts. I’ve gleaned much along the way in addition to the delight of seeing the print come to life in needlepoint. Many thanks, Anne. I’m looking forward to your next project.

Best wishes to all for the new year. Many thanks to all that take time to swing by and visit the QM blog. And special thanks to those of you who have kindly taken time to write a comment. Although I’ve not always been able to acknowledge each one this year due to some family situations, your encouragement has come through. I appreciate it very much. And I have learned and gained much especially from the insightful comments on beauty and design.  I’m still working on the design project so those comments are continuing to guide my thoughts in many ways.

3 Responses to A stitch: playing with the alphabet

  1. Jacqui says:

    This reminds me of Annie Whitsed’s Tassel Stitch in the method of stitching – although the ends go through the fabric and the diagonal stitches are worked in an opposing direction. Really interesting and something I will explore as well. And I love the Christmas Trees in January 1 post. I wonder where this stitch will go next!

  2. Anne Stradal says:

    Thanks for your kind words! Just started a new project today (Jan. 1) that might intrigue you! I’m having fun stitching it already–and isn’t that the point of stitching to begin with?

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for this observation Jacqui. I’ll be interested to see your explorations.

    Annie’s tassel stitch that Jacqui refers to is found here. I’d not thought of it in connection with this; but one never know what lurks beyond the conscious level of one’s mind. I did love this stitch Annie had done and try it. And some of my variations have added another leg to the stitch, so one never knows.

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