Shrubs and trials

March 31, 2007

The first quarter of 2007 is completed today. This coming week we will begin the second quarter of Sharon b’s TSTC! If you haven’t joined in please do think about giving it a try. There is still so much ahead to learn and explore.


My explorations this week have been both “off” and “on grid” work. The basic structures that make the “off grid” piece are all knotted Cretan stitches. But I covered a lot of it up once I got working on it. I’m feeling a little disappointed about not having that stitch shine through more. But it’s not finished yet!



As you see I here, I’m still working on the idea of multiple knots. I rounded these more by pulling the knots tighter. The height of the stitch is not more than about 5 threads, so that has a big impact, too. I love the texture. I probably should have turned it 90 degrees. I can see the basic outline of some little growing plant. I still like the earlier ones better, however.


The first line on the next photo is an overlap of two lines above.


And the last three lines show my test on the difference spreading the stitch makes. I think now I should test the height. And then both together? I should never run out of variables to test, if I would as my mom says, put on a thinking cap. Whatever that means, I’m sure it would help.

Scribble finished

March 30, 2007

I’m finished with this particular “off grid” piece. I learned a lot this time. Primarily, I noticed one of my fatal flaws in doing “off grid” work. So I’m anxious to try the avoidance of this practice in the next “off grid” piece. While not entirely pleased with this, I had a chance to try some experiments that turned out well. I expect to transfer some of these thoughts over to “on grid” work. Not everything on this piece is a knotted Cretan stitch, of course.


Knotted Cretan scribbles

March 29, 2007

The “off grid” piece is not finished now. I made some progress on it, maybe one more day to go. I’ve got a clear idea in my mind where it needs to go. Getting there is the questionable part of the matter.


Here is a series of stitches where I was concerned with shape. The variations are because of the direction of the stitching. I believer the first row is L to R next row R to L and so on.. L to R, R to L, L to R.


Here are experiments with more than one knot on the second and third row. Knots are added above the stitch and then below the stitch respectively.


I like these experiments, but clearly I need some more practice to be more uniform.

Off grid on the knotted Cretan stitch

March 28, 2007

I enjoyed doing some “off grid” work yesterday — a nice change of pace. Is it finished? I am not sure.


I tried a few experiments, for instance, on the light green and olive thread to the left you’ll see that I made more than one knot. On the olive thread to the right I made some very long prongs on the right side and short prongs on the left. This was a rather failed experiment because the longest prongs wouldn’t stay in place and I ended up couching them with some blue thread. I wasn’t too pleased with the ribbon experiment either. You see that I abandon it almost as soon as I started it at the lower right. The blue silk cord was fun. I couched some of it but along other portions I looped it into the Cretan knot as I made it.

“On grid” work didn’t seem to go anywhere. This is the only thing out of it that I liked and that is because of the texture.


TSTC Week 13: Knotted Cretan

March 27, 2007

TSTC week thirteen is underway with the knotted Cretan stitch!

The first three trials are on a countable ground, but I wasn’t counting.




But I counted here!


As you may notice I over loaded the channels with too much pink thread. The top and bottom green lines are made by wrapping the thread around each prong of the Cretan stitch. The Very Petite Velvet doesn’t show a clear definition but the texture is great to the touch.

I hope most of you that stop by this blog are regularly reading Sharon b’s. She is constantly doing far more than organizing TSTC and making introductions the to weekly stitch. Her links to other needlework information fascinate and educate me. And her own needlework is so inspiring, too! Naturally her blog is full of examples. But she has some past exhibits on her website and I loved it when I took the time to go through them.

Final tinys for couching

March 26, 2007

I had lots of fun over the weekend thinking up more tiny thoughts on couching. My only regret is that I didn’t have more time to stitch them all. I have some drawings to tuck away in my resource book for later. I’ve certainly enjoyed touring TSTC blogs and the flickr account this week. There is wonderful work out there to see.

It’s raining in the central valley this evening so there isn’t too much light. As a result I’m not going to post several photos. I hope you enjoy all the rest.

A few fills

tstc12eplaidpinkflowers.png tstc12eplaidpinklines2.png

tstc12egreenpinklines.png tstc12eallpinkfill.png

And one lone line that survived the lighting problem cuts!


Content with tinys

March 24, 2007

I had been thinking about doing bigger pieces this weekend, but all I’ve done is tinys! So I must be content with them. For some reason my mind is running in all these little tiny directions and not into one big design. So I’m tucking these away for future reference.



The purple thread in the second photo is some kind of cord for beading. I bought it because I couldn’t resist the color. What a mistake! The camera doesn’t do the color justice and it has kinks from being wrapped around a card. The kinks seem to stay, no matter what I’ve done to them so far. If you know any tips for getting rid of the kinks with out ruining a shiny cord, I would certainly appreciate a tip in comments, thanks!

If you didn’t noticed the kinks in the last photo, no one will miss them in this one below. I like this idea, but this is not good stitching. The yellow thread gave a disappointing performance, too. The twist is very loose. I remember another strange thing, now. The ribbon is actually dark violet both vertically and horizontally. Here they don’t even appear to be the same ribbon.


Well, here are a last few tiny ideas!