TSTC Week 36: The Cable Chain Stitch

September 4, 2007

Sharon b did a great step by step on the cable chain stitch. It provides the introduction to this week’s TSTC stitch and is the start of the last third of the TSTC year. Many thanks for guiding us through so many interesting stitches, Sharon.

I noticed Sharon mentioned that she has an on-line class coming up on October 31. I took the class, Develop a Personal Library of Stitches, last year. If you are interested in understanding more about exploring stitches and design concepts such as point, line, direction, movement, shape and texture then I highly recommend Sharon’s class. She explains it here. She is a excellent teacher, the lesson text and photos are clear and the forum at Joggles a provides an easy means of interaction with Sharon and fellow classmates.

This course is jam packed with material. While you may choose to do the amount that is right for you, I seriously doubt that anyone could exhaust the ideas and concepts to explore and stitch before the next lesson arrives. Sharon’s text is a resource on my shelf now and I’m very thankful to have it.

I enjoy the cable chain stitch. Here are some lines I made with it.

The basic


Branching out








I love this dense fill; a simple stagger and closely stitched chains make it work.
This next one has a zigzag in the middle row.




SharonB’s classes at Joggles

January 22, 2007

Sharon has some great classes about to begin. One is about encrusting crazy quilts. The other, developing a personal library of stitches. Please, take a moment to check them out. They are well worth the cost involoved. I can personally vouch for the personal library class. I took it at the end of last year. It made a big impact on my stitching and my thoughts about my work.

Sharon is a great teacher and her written material and photos illustrating all the “how to’s” of the stitches she introduces is excellent. This is not just stitches from her stitch dictionary. These lessons take you into stitches that I think you will not easily find other places. And the other very big plus is that she introduces major design concepts in the lessons along with many tips from her experience.

In addition to the great class lessons, the forum at Joggles is a wonderful place for everyone to interact. The forum is easy to use and Sharon is in there everyday. She answers questions and provides positive feedback on the stitched work. The other classmates are also encouraging and so inspiring. I’m certainly thankful I took this class and can’t help but notice how much it has helped me in TSTC. There is more information about these classes at Sharon’s blog. It’s really a wonderful learning experience in a self-paced environment.

I’ve been goofing off…

January 9, 2007

I’ve been having fun trying to finish up some of things out of lesson five and six from Sharon’s Personal Library of Stitches class (PLS). I just couldn’t get to everything I wanted to learn in the six weeks the class ran. The lessons were so full of great information and detailed illustrations that I just chose the most appealing to work on at the time and mark other things to return to. Do you know she’s starting that class again?

If you haven’t taken this class and are interested in stitching, please, consider it. I found PLS very worthwhile and a great value. I learned so much–tackled stitches I didn’t know and stitches I knew but wasn’t brave enough to try on my own. The other things that Sharon brings into each lesson are design concepts. That really fills out the lessons. Everything I’ve heard about the other class, Encrusted Crazy Quilting, has been wonderful. I would be joining in myself, if my time wasn’t already committed to a definite course of action for the first half of the year.