Continuing review

June 14, 2007

I’m loving my review of Sharon b’s TSTC stitches. I’ve learned so much and I don’t want to forget anything. Here are more slivers and slices!

Week 9 cross stitch

tstc24ccs.png my apologies for the fuzzy picture

Week 10 barred and alternating barred chain stitch


Week 11 up and down buttonhole


Week 12 couching


More French knots — while I practice following curves with a variation I’m experimenting with.




School girl’s heart

March 9, 2007

Among a number of things done today…


Well, I confess I didn’t start out thinking about a heart. I started out with a curved line. So a heart was not too big a jump once the curved line was in place.


Then for some reason I’ve been struggling with this fill all week and came up with a couple more variations.

tstc10cfill1.png tstc10cfill2.png

Then out of no where… tstc10csquare.png

To bend the rules a little more I tried a detached barred chain stitch, if there is such a thing. And here is the progression.

tstc10cdetached1.png tstc10cdetached2.png


Still in school girl mode

March 8, 2007

Despite these photos, the truth is I’m like a school girl with an assignment who not sure what to do next. I want to exploit the TSTC stitch or in Sharon b’s words, “push it a little”. But how to do that?


I’ve done a few things, but not much on this week’s TSTC barred chain stitch.


Up until last fall I avoided any chain stitch like it the plague. Why?



I always felt out of control on the stitch’s tension when I had tried it in the past. I feel more comfortable with it now, but my mind is almost a complete blank.


TSTC Week 10: The Barred (and Alternating Barred) Chain

March 6, 2007

My school girl exercises on this stitch. I hope to get a little beyond them before the week is out!

tstc10aspiral.png tstc10acouched.png


To take a look at Sharon b’s excellent instructions for this week’s TSTC stitches, please look here. This poor school girl needs to betake herself there and learn a little more, too!

Now for more inspiration and encouragement I’m going out to see what all the other TSTC stitchers are doing. The list of posts and photos grows by leaps and bounds as the week progresses. They are so often my inspiration and I learn so much from each one. You may see their links in the comments of Sharon’s introduction to the stitch. And Sharon’s post also points you to the flickr account and web ring. I’ve been so happy and thankful that Sharon is recouperating and wish her all speed in returning to full strength.