Breton Stitch: Day 2

February 23, 2008

More samples on the Breton stitch in today’s post. I’ve had a lot of fun playing with various aspects of the stitch. Who got me to look into this stitch? It was my friend, Anne Gailhbaud. This was one of the stitches on her list of great stitches to explore. Many thanks, Anne! I’m enjoying this stitch already. If you aren’t familiar with Anne’s website, please do check it out. 





Breton Stitch: Day 1

February 22, 2008

I’m doing a quick photograph of the Breton stitch in progress. Since I’m still not able to access Needlecrafters stitch diagrams, myself, I hesitate to point others there. Hopefully this is just a temporary situation and perhaps other browsers are able to access this valuable resource.


This diagram shows only one step–the crucial area I think. I’ve labeled other places. To start, bring your needle up through the ground at “a” and down at “b”. Then bring the needle back up through the fabric at “c”. Move you needle (as shown in the photograph) under the slanted stitch made at “a-b”. 

The next steps are not completed in the photograph, but I’ve indicated by arrows the places on the fabric where I would place the needle. Pull the thread through the stitch “a-b”. It should be snug but not tight. Do not allow the thread to distort the ground/fabric. Insert the needle down through the ground at “d” and bring it back up at “e”. Pull the thread through until it is nicely situated against the fabric. Now you are ready to repeat and make another slanted stitch like “a-b”. 

If you wish you may make two twists before inserting the needle at “d”. I’ve see diagrams in several books. Some showing only one twist others showing two. The samples I have in today’s post are using only one twist. But I’m sure I will be experimenting with two twists in upcoming posts. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment if anything in the explanation about how to do the stitch is not clear. I will be happy to try and help or correct what I’ve done to be clearer.

Here are some samples from my work today. My apologies for some of the distortion seen in the photographs. I’m still trying to learn how to work with this scanner. I hope tomorrow I’ll either perfect the technique or the sun will be out in the central valley.