One more new to me stitch

March 4, 2008

I am leaving the doodle from yesterday’s post out there one more day with its unintroduced stitch. The stitch I learned tonight is taking up this post instead. It caught my eye went I finally took a few minutes to stitch late this evening. This stitch is the Portuguese border stitch.

I wasn’t able to find this stitch on the few sites that I have listed on my stitch dictionary page. Although it might be at Needlecrafters; I’m still not able to access that stitch dictionary. I’m still hopeful it will be available soon or that my browser will stop giving me problems with the site. 

Thankfully, doing a quick search on the net, I did find a great step by step at Arts & Designs. A site I don’t remember visiting before. Please scroll down until you find the stitch’s name and click on the illustration. It will open up a pop-up box where everything is very clear; you may have to click the expand icon to see the whole picture at once. Their stitch glossary page is here. It looks like I need to add this link to my stitch dictionary page this weekend. I wish I’d seen it sooner it might have spared me a few step-by-steps.

Here are a few samples.




pb1e.png  Worked in opposite directions

pb1f.png  Worked in combination with a sorbello stitch variation. And in the sample below the sorbello stitch is used instead of the satin stitches to start the Portuguese border stitch. I am almost too tired to have fun with this stitch but I hope it will do well with circles and curves. I’ve not had time to try any yet.