A stitch: imagination and creativity

My friend, Anne Gailhbaud surprised me with two comments and email concerning my last post. The first comment was when she saw the post.

Submitted on 2008/12/31 at 1:03am

…Have you invented this stitch?
what is the name? I like it. I shall try it!!! …

And the second followed four minutes later.

Submitted on 2008/12/31 at 1:07am

PS: on the picture before the last, at left, it seems like a Christmas tree, I shall try them in green!!!

I’m not sure of all that happened in those four minutes but one thing is that Anne’s imagination came into play and created a picture in her mind. 

And it was swiftly translated into stitch. One hour and six minutes (2008/12/31 at 2:13am) after leaving the second comment, I received an email from her with the photograph of  the stitching.

And here are a few words from her email:

I have tried my idea …; they are called Christmas trees of Anne (Les sapins d’anne). You can notice 2 birds with the same stitch!!!


She commented.

Fun, isn’t it?
The power of imagination.

In a later email she went on to say this.

Creativity is for me necessary like imagination. And creativity and imagination are without limit and give the liberty: when you know them and have imagination, you can break the rules and fly……………….Difficult for me to express this in foreign language.

I think you’ve said it well, Anne. But I should like to know French to hear you say it in your own language.

If you aren’t familiar with Anne work, please do visit her website via the link above. She is also a member of Sharon b‘s stitichin fingers. What you are seeing above is Anne’s work in a “rough draft”. On her website and other places are some of her “final drafts” full of beauty, imagination creativity.

Anne closed out her first email with this wish to me…

Happy, safe and creative new year.

…by way of expansion on Anne’s wishes, I wish to all reading this the same.

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