Expanded squares – lace border stitches

October 15, 2007

Expanded squares

If you’ve been reading my blog for a little while you may remember that one of my favorite design tools is the expanded square. Just as I left for vacation I came across another post about them. It was Susan’s at Art of Textiles in this post. When I got in touch with her after vacation, I found out about her follow-up post. Here Susan shows taking one of the expanded squares and using it as a pattern for a quiltie.

Then when I came back from vacation I found Penny at Back Valley Seasons had also been at work with them and wrote about it in this post. Penny also has another blog about her sketch book you may have noticed along with me due to SharonB’s post on visual journals .

I was delighted to see this work posted on expanded squares. My thanks to both Susan and Penny for their blogs and in particular their posts about expanded squares. If you follow the links and are not already familiar with their blogs, I hope you take time to look at some of their other work. I enjoy keeping up with them in my Bloglines.

Lace border stitches

Separating scroll stitches from lace border stitches.

Did I tell you that I love to look for good used books? Yes, even on vacation. If they can be worked in, used book shops, library sales and so forth are on the agenda. Due to a used book I shipped back from Vermont and received Saturday, I’ve learned that these samples stitched last week are not considered a variation of lace border stitch but a zigzag scroll stitch.



My apologies, I hope I’ve not confused anyone. Sometimes my experiments wander too far and unknowingly I move into another stitch. Since I’m just slowly making my way through this book, I’m not prepared to name or recommend it yet. It has interesting stitches–some new and some familiar to me.

New samples on the lace border stitch



Here I played around with some kind of thread or ribbon I don’t really understand how to use. I liked using it and need to experiment more.



More playing and this might have some scroll stitches mixed in with the lace border stitches. Very disappointingly, I’ve still not been able to turn up my lost sampler from last week. As you can see looking for it and the used book cut into my stitching time.


Back to borders

October 13, 2007

Yes, I lost my trial cloth on the lace border stitch and had to start another. I’m trusting it will show up soon. I think it’s right here in my house. And probably it’s right under my nose and not some place else which will be exasperating.

I hastily started stitching some borders on another cloth. I really didn’t have the heart to redo some of the layering and the curves over again. Therefore these experiments are sort of unexpected surprises to me. Although I certainly wasn’t too happy with myself when I started out the stitching won me over. And I learned a little more about working with this stitch, always a good thing.





I love the idea of this diamond one. I probably haven’t perfected it yet because I didn’t start out with the whole idea in my mind. Almost all my experiments were that way today, I started out with little to nothing in mind and added whatever I wished. The border below has the most additions. I kept trying this and that to dress it up.


This one looks like “off grid” work but it is actually counted except for the French knots.


More on the lace border stitch

October 12, 2007

Here are some of my practice samples. Experiments are still the order of the day as I try a few more things with the lace border stitch.

On the curve


I had fun doubling up on the knots. The yellow thread behind it is what I’ve been calling an open lace border stitch. I’m sure it might have a different proper name.


Three prongs


Adding more horizontal lines to this edging.


Being crazy in this last sample. I’m out of felt and didn’t have time to stand in the long line at the store Monday night. Looks like I have an afternoon errand today if I want to do “off grid” work.


More work with the lace border stitch

October 11, 2007

I took a few liberties with this stitch trying to come up with more things to use it for. I’m not convinced the it should remain a border stitch only. It may take me a while to make it a fill but I think it could work.

Layering the stitches is presenting possibilities. I’ve only tried a few curves and circles so far (most not photographed yet). I need to do more there. You’ll see in this post’s photos that my work in that area was hindered by not knowing what to do with the initial start of the stitch. I’ve got that arrange a bit better now but it won’t show up until later.

Because of the natural lighting situation as we move toward winter, my photographs are terribly blue. I tried to fix them in Photoshop Elements, but I don’t seem to have enough skill to do as much as they need. Therefore this post is a shorter on samples than what is stitched and photographed. I think this calls for rephotographing–not my favorite thing. But now I’m convinced it would have been better for the whole lot of them rather than the fiddling I did after they were taken.

Meeting at the knots






Open lines layered


Trying to add a line to the lace border stitch as we did to the buttonhole bar in SharonB’s TSTC week 39.


Experiments with the lace border stitch

October 10, 2007

I’ve been doing more experiments with the closed lace border stitches.

Here are some comparisons using one strand of pima cotton (left) compared to a Perle 8 cotton (right): first photo shows a very dense over two skip two pattern, the second is loosened up a bit.





Long and short slants


Meeting at the knots


The stitch family page is now updated. My bloglines is still bulging.  I’m caught up at work but certainly not at home.

TSTC Week 41: The lace border stitch

October 9, 2007

SharonB says she feels we are on the home stretch of her Take a Stitch Tuesdays Challenge (TSTC) year. I certainly feel the same way. And what challenges she is still presenting to us each week. This week Sharon introduced us to the lace border stitch in a step by step post. This stitch certainly looks complicated but Sharon’s encouraging posts over this year are helping me to be ready to try anything.

I’ve made several attempts to push this stitch. None of them are not photographing well. It is just too early in the morning here for good lighting, please forgive the blue cast to everything.

Alternate off grid


Everything else is “on grid” today as I try to get use to this new-to-me stitch.





I tried a closed lace border stitch. The left one is staggered the right, opposite. This was my favorite trial. And layered (below) came in a close second.

tstc41aoffsetclosed.png   tstc41aoppclosed.png



My apology to anyone looking for the stitch family page update. I haven’t finished it yet, but hopefully will have it soon.

Many thanks to everyone who has left such kind comments wishing me well on vacation and welcoming me back. It has been heart warming. I’m still trying to catch up with my bloglines and am so encourage to see what great stitching and other work has been done while I’ve been away as I work through all the posts there.