This and that with a straight stitch base

March 22, 2008

Today’s samples are a mixed bag of some stitches that are beginning to be familiar around this blog. They are all based on a straight stitch.

Eskimo edging stitch


Raised chain band


Eskimo edging stitch turned into a filler


Raised chain band “off grid”


Herringbone ladder band


Raised chain band: day 5

March 19, 2008

This is day five of my raised chain band samples according to my labeling for photographs.





I like the way this one (above) worked out. I’m grabbing more an one straight stitch in each chain stitch. On the sample below there are four layers of stitches I left part of it undone so it would be a little easier to see what was going on. The third and four layer are detached chain stitches.

Detached raised chains on skeleton

March 17, 2008

Sorry not to have been able to post the last day or two. I got blind sided by some allergies, I guess. There are so many trees in the central valley blooming right now and at least one I must be allergic too. I just couldn’t hold my head up to do much more than the necessary things.

These are the detached raised chain stitches I’ve been working on the same skeleton I’ve been using lately.


I’ve been testing some different rayon and cotton threads.

This one I liked and would like to try and bead.


This one is I would like to try mirroring both horizontally and vertically so that it would look like expanding diamond shapes.


The rayon threads that I don’t like at all.


My favorite. It would be fun to try a horizontal mirror on this one, too.


I’ve got some “off grid” work ready to post, too. But it will have to wait until tomorrow. I’m about ready to take a nap in the daytime–definitely not my cup of tea!

Raised chain band: Day 3

February 28, 2008

I wanted to post a few more samples on the raised chain band before I move over to another stitch that I’ve been exploring this week. I can’t promise I’m leaving the raised chain band behind, because I still see so many more experiments I’d like to try.





The next two make an interesting comparison for me. They are both worked as grid fills. The first is worked on small horizontal straight stitches in three columns. The second, on a large arrow stitch column. The middle chain is worked over both sides of the point. I wish I’d tried  a single chain with a smaller arrow stitch column. I think it would work well with curves. 



Well, you see my dilemma, I’m excited about a new stitch. And I sit pondering all these other things I could do with this one.

More on the detached raised chain stitch

February 27, 2008

I’ve done a little more exploring with my needle on this idea of the detached raised chain stitch. The samples follow.




Below one straight stitch two chains with various sizing trials.


An unfinished doodle–some detached raised chain stitches and some raised chain bands.


Detached raised chain stitch?

February 26, 2008

Some of the work I did over the weekend made me think about doing a detached raised chain stitch. I liked the texture and its a very stable stitch. I tried hunting around for what it is and hope I’m not missing something obvious. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have any question about the step by step or can identify the stitch for me. Thanks very much.








Here are one color samples. As you can see the left sample has slanted stitches while the sample on the left is done as the step by step. The two color samples seem even more effective. Or perhaps I had more practice.




A dark green overdyed thread is used for the straight stitches in both these samples.

Raised chain band: Day 2

February 25, 2008

This raised chain band has caught my fancy. I’m having so much fun with it. In today’s post you’ll see some experiments with several types thread. I didn’t get a good photograph of my circle or some of the curves I’ve done with it, but they are easy to do.



rcb2c.png  Three ply pima cotton

rcb2d.png A narrow knitted ribbon


One might almost think this sample below is a butterfly chain stitch. But it is the difference in the way the chain stitch is made that separate them, not how many straight stitches are gathered together. Many thanks to SharonB for her stitch dictionary.


The darker thread is a little thicker than a Perle 12. I didn’t like the looks of the Perle 12 bars with Perle 12 ties. But it might be the fabric I’m using is not geared for this thread.

Raised chain band: Day 1

February 24, 2008

I’ve been poking about for more stitches built on straight stitches and found this one. I’ve come to love working with in the past few days. There is a great drawing of how to work the stitch here. Many thanks to Classic Stitches.

Here are samples. I captured them when we had a few minutes of sun the other day. It’s a good thing because they are bulky and my scanner doesn’t do well with them.


The photograph above is the standard by the book sample. Below I start playing with colors.



Now to play with the background stitch a bit.