Thoughts on Assisi embroidery

April 5, 2009

I’ve been delighting in the Assisi embroidery I’ve seen popping up on various blogs around the on-line needlework community. I’ve been thinking more than stitching on this third month in Sharon b‘s Stitch Explorer challenge. And everything I have been stitching has been in miniature to try and explore those ideas more quickly.

This first sample is a little larger than two quarters and not a very successful experiment. I was attempting to choose a stitch for the background that might remind one of the texture of the the void object. The thread I used was not covering well enough and I had difficulty with the compensation stitches.


However, I liked the stitch. It is worked as a herringbone stitch (see photo below). After stitching the first row the fabric is turned one hundred and eighty degrees and another herringbone row is worked directly below it. This pattern is kept through out the stitching.


Another aspect of Assisi embroidery I’ve been thinking about is lettering. I worked with printing at a time when reverse print was gaining popularity in the industry that I was involved in. I’m not sure about the history of any relationship between the embroidery and reverse print, but I wanted to experiment with a couple of things. These are mainly experiments about creating an illusion of depth. The top left uses Perle 8 cotton, silk floss and 100/3 silk with cross stitch and backstitching. The rest are Perle 12 cotton with long armed cross stitching.

The top two seem to work more readily. The right being unembellished. The left the attempt to do things to increase the depth at which the letter appears. The bottom two need some distance to work. The one on the right works best in the last photo, I think. Perhaps the one on the left doesn’t work at all, but I have few more tests to make and perhaps I’ll get the effect I’m looking for. 




I hope regular readers will excuse the erratic or non-existent posting patterns in the past couple of months. I’m working hard on color studies and work is taking up more hours recently. I’m doing some non-postable stitching, too. I don’t suppose I could stop stitching without feeling a sense something missing in my day.