Scrumbling and finishing up week 44

November 5, 2007


I got side tracked earlier last week with a comment from Nancilyn at What Bloggles my Mind. She asked a simple question, “do you realize your drizzle to drizzles technique is akin to scrumbling?” I had no idea about the techniques for scrumbling but I’d loved the pictures I’d seen of scrumbling, a free-form crochet. Knitting may be used, too. Nancilyn laid a very convincing case before me to explore it. Using some great links she provided, I have been doing just that. There is nothing like have a generous and knowledgeable guide. Thank you, Nancilyn!

Freeform Crochet is the international guild and will get you started if you’re interested and haven’t explored the subject yet. Please don’t miss their links for Prudence Mapstone and Margaret Huber among others. Sharon b has done very informative posts on the subject: here, here (mentions the drizzle stitch as working well with scrumbling), here, here (briefly), here, here, here. And I love the work Nancilyn has done, too (click on the categories “free form crochet and knitting” and “scrumbling” for more posts).

I’ve been spending odd moments with my crochet hook and laughing as strange things come tumbling out. I’m sure my grandmother who so patiently taught me would have something to say about scrumbling. She had a rare sense of Vermont humor and was almost always able to rise to any occasion with fitting words.

The Zig zag Spanish knotted stitch

I got back to more serious exploration with the zig zag Spanish knotted stitch on Saturday. Here are the results.

More Formal


Informal corners and borders added to what I had done earlier in the week.


Back “on grid”