Slivers and slices

June 13, 2007

This week I began following Sharon b’s suggestion to do French knots in conjunction with previous TSTC stitches. I’ve been taking it in the direction of a slivers and slices review of the TSTC stitches. Today is week 5-8. And sadly they are sporting some pretty poor French knots. I experimented with a number of threads in these samples. I found it was much easier for me to do French knots with something like a Perle 8 or thicker than with something thinner like a Perle 12 or 100/3. Will my practice ever make perfect when it comes to these stitches? No, I don’t think so, but I’ll reaccess the question when I’ve made it through TSTC week 24.

Week 5 Chevron stitch


Week 6 Algerian eye and eyelet stitches


Week 7 Feather stitch


Week 8 Fly stitch


More French knots–if you’re wondering what this section is, it is for experiments with my variation from last week. I like it more as I work with it. It seems clean, fast and has a lot of play in it. I’m learning more about it and had fun testing it on curves last night. Photos to follow. Please do let me know by a comment, if you know what this variation is. Thank you!


A word of thanks winging it’s way to Kay Susan for her blog flog.

End bits of TSTC Week 6

February 11, 2007



We finally had a bit of light and no drizzle! I rushed out and got some pictures of the last trials on the Algerian Eye and eyelet stitches. I hardly believe that we are at the end of week 6 on the Take A Stitch Tuesday Challenge from Sharon b. But the calendar shows it is true.



Before Sharon’s challenge I tried to explore one or two stitches a year! Here I’ve worked with six (seven if I count the Algerian Eye and eyelet separately) in six weeks. I am pacing myself to make it through this whole year!


TSTC Week 6: Algerian eye and Eyelet Stitches

February 7, 2007

Sharon b introduced two great stitches hand in hand for this week’s challenge. If you’re new to TSTC please check it out. It’s lots of fun, a very flexible commitment and growing every week. Look around Sharon’s blog while you’re there. She has many interesting projects underway and a couple of classes are beginning soon. You will find them here at her blog.

I did a lot of experiments early last year with these stitches and had fun last night doing a few things that quickly came to mind.



Of course, these are the perfect stitches for attaching sequins.


Then some how I began to think about rickrack. I’m not sure these are very wise ideas, but you can see that I had more than one or two thoughts about it. And in some cases I played around with how many legs were need or most decorative. It’s gray and sprinkling here so colors went all over the place in the editing process.