Tete de boeuf: Day 5

January 24, 2008

With rain in the central valley and no opportunity to take pictures, I’m thankful I took extras of the tête de boeuf stitching I did last week. Here is a selection of spots and lines.

This is a spot that should perhaps be worked up into a grid. It would bring in two alternating levels of density. That generally adds interest to the grid.


I’ve not threaded this line but I’d like to try that. Perhaps it will make a reappearance.


The photograph below is another possibility for a grid. This one would lend itself to several interesting patterns. Thinking about negative areas, what if another diamond were placed at each point? Then again what would happen if a diamonds were stitched so it was a staggered half row pattern? I can also see this turning into a nice line for a border. It would be easy to turn the corner with this pattern, too.


French knots were added here.


A dense little star flower. I should have been stitching in purple again. I’m out of photographs and “what ifs” for this post. Many thanks for visiting the blog and all the kind comments I receive. I appreciate them all.


Tete de boeuf: Day 4

January 21, 2008

These are some more ideas on the tête de boeuf stitch. I just can’t seem to leave it alone. I’m sure that I should be doing something more productive like stitching my January piece for SharonB’s TIFC. But it does rest me to switch on to something more relaxing for a few minutes.

A grid


Over lapping stitch added to line


Another line.


A start to a third line.


A weed.


Tete de boeuf: Day 3

January 19, 2008

The tête de boeuf stitch continues to fascinate me. Ever since I’ve decided that it is a fly stitch tied down by a detached chain stitch, I’ve had no end of fun stitching with it. I hope to take it “off grid” soon but I’m happily working on counted fabric at this point.

This stitch works well in both a line and a spot. I don’t recall doing any curves with it. I need to force myself over in to that area soon.

Here are the lines.

This first line is the result of distorting the stitch a bit on the foundation rows. After that everything was just fill in the blank areas with the tête de boeuf stitches until it looked right.


Another simple distortion with mirrors both vertically and horizontally. I love these lines with plenty of room to embellish.


The next lines are modified Indian edging stitches or tête de boeufs on a foundation. In the first the stitch is mirrored with a few straight stitches added to make the points. If I had this to do over again. I would probably make smaller loops and maybe change the forty-five degree angle to something like a sixty degree angle. Just a few little changes once the basic pattern is worked out makes a huge difference. Another great thing to do with this is to mirror the row. It looks like it could be mirrored either way with a good pattern resulting. Now I really want to get out my needle and thread again.


I like the negative space in this line. It looks like it could be fun to embellish, too.


And a spot with a few French knots added.


TIF and Tete de boeuf: Day 2

January 14, 2008

January TIFC update

Where am I with SharonB’s January TIFC? I’ve got the drawing outlined, cloth marked and stitches and colors decided. Roughed in words–more work needed there. I’m going to start stitching as fast as I can go in a day or two.

I’m not totally satisfied with what I’ve done. But the time element of the challenge is kicking in. This is sketch is done from my software program and the alphabet is one from their stock library. I have an alphabet I made up several years ago but it is too large, I need to scale it down or do an new one.

The one other thing that is not probably not adequate in this sketch is the linking chain idea. That is worked out in my mind and noted with the stitches. I doubt if I’ll come back into my program to redo those areas.


Tête de boeuf stitch

I’ve had more fun with this stitch today.

A line. Maybe I could see a row of tulip in this, if a few stems were added.


A line.


A line: step one.


A line: step two.


A line with beads. I’m not sure why they are so dull in the photo. They are sparkly in person.


A spot. I love the texture and feel of this spot and can see it making a great grid. However, because of the density it distorted my cloth a little.


A small diamond spot. I see a great potential for grid in this, too. It could also work nicely into a line with a cross stitch or bead in between each diamond. More thoughts to stitch than I have time to stitch. I need to remember to journal more than my TIFCs.


Tete de boeuf: Day 1

January 14, 2008

When I was working with the Indian edging stitch last time, I became interested in the unsophisticated little stitch called the tête de boeuf or the bull’s head stitch. And I have been using a closed rather than an open detached chain stitch as shown in the diagram referred to in the previous post. This is the stitch as diagrammed in The Encyclopedia of Stitches edited by Karen Hemingway. The more I’ve hunted the more names and ways of doing this stitch I’ve found.

This is the stitch and my journey toward one way of transforming it.


A line.


Diagonal and mirrored.


Vertical two headed mirrored.


A transformation into my butterfly. A total of four straight stitches were added; two to make the antenna and two to add filling to the upper portion of the wings. The overlap of the mirrored image is two threads.