Swedish split stitch

January 28, 2008

I’ve been having some fun with a couple of new stitches that Anne Gailhbaud from France introduced me to. One of them is point Fendu Scandinave or Swedish split stitch. I thank Anne so much for being on the out look for some great stitches for me to try. And for this one she also sent me a photograph with one of her samples. She has kindly allowed me to put on the blog. If you haven’t visited Anne’s own website to see her various hand work, please take a bit of time to see it.

Here is the inspiring sample that Anne sent me to see.


The Swedish split stitches are the red and yellow stitches with the tie to the one side. To execute them one threads the needle with two threads and works the beginning of a stem stitch. Rather than going on to work the next stitch the needle is inserted between the two threads and stitched down very close to the first stitch.

As I said I had lots of fun playing with this stitch.


Here I began to exaggerate a little too much, trying to make some curves with the stitch.


Then I tried an orderly and mirrored row.


Rather than doing a detached stem stitch I continued the stitches. This is not exactly a trial at doing a stem stitch because the stitches are slightly zigzagged.



Multiple threads and ties.


A more organic look and multiple threads


Alternating the thread on the split.


Well, these are just initial trials. There is a lot more to do with this stitch and I’m looking forward to having more time with it later. Again many thanks, Anne, for bringing another great stitch to my attention!