Getting ready for SharonB’s TSTC 2007

December 27, 2006

What will I be stitching on?

My traditional 36-40 count linen with silk floss, 100/3 and perle cottons “on grid”. My experimental fabrics and threads “off grid”.

How am I going to keep everything from the challenge together?

I’ve decided to capture everything in a 12″ x 12″ scrapbook. While working on my last design class lesson, I came across these size books, sheet protectors and pages at one of the local craft stores.

Why this method?

First, I like the idea of pulling out a page and taking that one page with me to use for a reference while stitching something else.

Second, I like the fact that I could tab the stitch and add to that stitch information after the challenge is over. I can also move the stitch sections around later to group everything according to stitch families.

Third, I like the size of the book. One of my design teacher’s constant admonishments to me was, “work larger”. 12″ x 12″ may not seem large to you, but it is my start at “huge”!

Fourth, I can sew a lot of my surged samples to pages in my idea book like I did for my design class. It’s a fast finish, allows me to turn up the sample to see the back and if there is room to stitch a bit more later on the sample, it is easily pulled off, stitched and threaded back on the sheet.

Fifth, the sheet protectors can hold everything from my supplies and tools for a pick up and go trip to my loose trial sheets, scribbles and cloths.

Sixth, I want keep Sharon b’s introductions and tips on the stitch as well as those I find from other stitchers as the week progresses. I can quickly rubber cement those onto the scrapbook pages.

And then the last thing, the if and when I have time thing, I’d like to work on making a reference sheet for designs I or others have used the stitch in and books that I’ve read dealing with the stitch.

Am I buying any new threads or fabrics?

Not yet, but I expect to and am looking forward to that! 


December 23, 2006

Welcome to the newest blog for Quieter Moments.

Yes I’m at a new blog for TSTC 2007!

This is going to be a wonderful year with Sharon b in her Take a Stitch Tuesdays Challenge(TSTC). If you aren’t involved already, please look into joining the challenge or simply take a look and see what’s going on. Sharon has set it up so that it is always open for one more to join in and any day is the right time to begin. Once at Sharon’s blog, the side bar has a category called Take a Stitch Tuesday. It will quickly gather all those posts together to fill you in on the details. If you are involved in the TSTC challenge, thanks for stopping by, I’m looking forward to seeing your work and learning from everyone in this challenge Sharon has provided for us all.

My other blog is still going for posts on my design work. This year I’m working on shape, color and texture. I’ve been doing more thinking on design and design exercises so I’m sure those topics will be coming up. I’m so excited about all I have planned to tackle, the Lord willing. I’m still exploring moving that blog over to my website, posting pictures to a flickr account or posting pictures there again. But for now it’s just a journal. Please feel free to drop by there for 2007 topics or pictures from my 2006 class from Joggles on Sharon b’s Personal Library of Stitches and other pictures related to my stitch and design work.