A word of welcome

Welcome! Thank you for visiting my blog today.

I started blogging because of a class I took with Sharon B in 2006. Then I started following her yearly challenges in 2007.  However, now due to family issues and my work situation, I’m not able to post my embroidery experiments and keep up correspondence so vital to the interaction of an online community. I’m honored that so many continue to swing by when I’ve not been blogging for so long.

I would like to point you to some of the resources on this blog to help acquaint you with the on-line needlework community, if you are a newcomer to it. In the blogroll I’ve provided links to a few of the needlework areas that I’m familiar with. By visiting these blogs you may be directed on to further explorations in those fields of particular interest. I don’t keep an extensive blogroll but you may find other interesting blogs by clicking under the categories of “Blogs” and “Out and About”. However, please realize that these posts are old. Many of the links may no longer work. I’m going through theposts slowly trying to update as possible. If you are listed in one of these posts and have an update for me, please contact me via a comment. I will be happy to update.

The last thing I will mention to help you feel at home when reading some of my posts is terminology. When I say “off grid” I’m referring to an non-counted fabric or ground on which I’m stitching. “On grid” is a my shorthand for a counted thread fabric. And if I talk about “a grid” usually that is referring to a stitched grid on the ground whether counted or non-counted fabric is used.

One other saying is “school girl days/mode”. That means I’m doing routine, calculated experiments with a stitch. While these are not very inspiring in themselves, that disciplined work often leads to something profitable as well as helping me grow in an understanding of the stitch.

Please stop by again.

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