Here, there and about

I’ve been having a little time to stitch on a few things.

Sometime last year I joined the Shining Needle Society(SNS) and took a class and signed up for another in starting in early 2009. Gay Ann Rogers has a SNS classroom and I’ve been following the conversation she had started there with her Mystery in a Corner project. At Christmas she had a project on color to kick off the new term of classes. I decided to try some of her experiments and did as she encouraged throwing in a few of my own.


Jeanne at Just String has done a fourth in her Stitch Studies series, excellent posts. Many thanks Jeanne. My heart goes out to you and I’m praying for you and your the little one on the way. Jeanne is currently is in the hospital awaiting the baby’s birth. 

Here are some of my practice bits from her teachings on the detached buttonhole stitch variations.


Sharon b has a new challenge, Stitch Explorer, launching January 15. Please do consider joining in. I think it will be a rewarding experience. More people joining in will make it all the richer. Reading through the comments on her post, I’ve been so excited about those involved whose work I know and those whose work I’ve just found by following their link. I’ve updated my Sharon b’s challenge page.

I plan to be more involved in this challenge than in her TIF challenge where I’ve been having a great time doing the design but a terrible time doing the stitching. I don’t think any one of the twelve is entirely stitched and over half of them are not even started. It has definitely been a stretch for me to design more self-reflectively as many of these monthly challenges have seemed to set me off in that direction.

The closest words I find to express what I mean is to say that I generally design to say something  or show something in contrast or comparison. These monthly challenges have made me consider designing to bring something hidden to view in a more expressive, emotional way. My design teacher made me do exercises on using lines to express emotion, but all too much they remained just school girl exercises. Sharon’s challenge has allowed me draw on some of what I learned there and use it.

I’m thankful for that and what was gained in spite of having so much trouble staying focused and gathering sufficient time for TIF. Having done the color exercises in the past day or two, I’ve been wondering how much I missed by not doing that part of the TIFC. Perhaps I’ll have an opportunity for a focus on color in this upcoming year.

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