Stitch Dictionaries

I am not able to provide a stitch dictionary here at my blog. However, because many people searching for how to do a particular stitch find my blog, I want to provide a short listing of stitch dictionaries I know and use. I’ve indicated the method used in the stitch dictionary because each of us has a preferred way of learning and visualizing a stitch. If one dictionary doesn’t help often another will.

Stitch Dictionaries

Naturally, having been involved with SharonB’s challenges, the first one I turn to is her stitch dictionary.

SharonB’s Stitch Dictionary Sharon provides step-by-step photographs with text and often interesting samples to illustrate the stitch in use on the same page

NeedleCrafters Stitch Dictionary This stitch dictionary uses drawings to illustrate both the stitch and some samples in a pop up window. Brief directions on the stitch index page.

Rissa’s Pieces Pretty Impressive Stuff (Note to Mac users a virtual PC is needed to view files) Rissa provides numbered stitch diagrams with text below explaining the stitch.

Mary Corbet’s Needle’nThread Video Library of Stitches Mary demonstrates the stitch in her videos.

Arts and Designs Glossary of needlework terms and stitches. For each stitch there is written instruction and thumbnail illustration which may be clicked for a large pop up appear to illustrate the stitch. You may need to click the expand icon in the pop up to view the full illustration. In some cases there is also a thumbnail photograph of a stitched sample; a larger view may be accessed by a left click, too.

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