Special words of thanks

I wanted to set aside this post and say a special thank you to Jo in New Zealand who tagged me in her Thinking blogger award post and also to Elizabeth at BöskeZ and Colors who tagged me just days later. Thank you, ladies; it was a great honor! Both these ladies’ blogs are on my Bloglines account and I’m always delighted to see their line bolded. It’s a treat to see their work.

I’d also like to say “thank you” to all of you who not only stop by my blog but also leave a word or two in a comment from time to time. Most have been so encouraging and and others very helpful in response to some question I had. Some of these comments have been from those who are involved in TSTC and don’t blog or post to flickr. It’s so encouraging to think you are out there stitching with all of us who are more visible on the net. Thank you all so much!

I’m fully enjoying the exploration of each stitch in the Take a Stitch Tuesdays challenge from Sharon b. Each week is a great learning experience in stitching for me. I learn from Sharon’s introduction and stitch dictionary. I learn from those in the past or currently who wrote books, left stitching or other reference material for me to examine. I learn from stitchers blogging about and/or photographing their TaST work. Thank you, Sharon! And “thank you” to every one involved in the TSTC! You all keep inspiring me and make me think and stitch beyond my own boundaries. I thank God for you all and the joy of being able to explore with an needle and a thread on a ground.

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