Running on

Here is a fairly common traditional darning pattern, I think.


I was playing around with this idea and some of the ideas that Sharon b had posted in her introduction to the running stitch and these ideas started flowing out. I could hear the cry, “a rather wasteful use of the thread”. I shut my ears, ran on and had a lot of fun with these.



tstc17fboldcontline.png This is a line or border version

I couldn’t bypass trying out a two way version. The red upright cross that you may barely be able to see in this photo is formed by over-stitching on the second pass.


I also wanted to try out beads with the running stitch. And so much more could be done. This was only a stab or two at that.


tstc17forangebeads.png This is actually my favorite of the day. I’m sorry this photo is such a mess; the thinner thread for the interlacing is really a much nicer brown than is showing up here. But this is a two way pattern that I interlaced and then beaded.

2 Responses to Running on

  1. Mary Anne says:

    I love visiting your site to see the many variations you come up with for each stitch….VERY inspirational!! Thanks for the eye candy.
    Mary Anne

  2. neki rivera says:

    oh boy!!!what a fantastic collection you’ve created. you’ve got me thinking in other directions, thanks for the inspiration

    neki desu

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