Square wheels?

July 25, 2007

I got the craziest idea while stitching buttonhole wheels last night; I tried to reverse them. I got squares and diamonds instead.


As you may notice I still have trouble fastening the beginning stitch and keeping every thing nice and neat with this thick thread. If any one has tips for beginning and ending the buttonhole wheels, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
Here’s the diamond, well actually a partial diamond. I didn’t try to finish it off as I got rather discouraged about it for some reason.


I will be trying a thread like a Perle 12 or thinner today. I will not promise to stop my experiments with the reversed wheels. I already tried whipped and woven buttonhole wheels back on week 18 so I want to force myself into some other areas this week.

Here is another place where I went crazy with my stitching last night. I started out with a nice sedate row of alternating quarter fans.  Then I had all sorts of other ideas and added them on at random.


Now for the more mundane experiments.




TSTC Week 30: Buttonhole wheels

July 24, 2007

This week bring us to the thirtieth week of Sharon b‘s TSTC. At it’s conclusion, if my calculations are correct, we will have twenty-two weeks of the challenge remaining. It’s been an amazing journey so far. I don’t know what the remaining twenty-two stitches will be. But Sharon has named the thirtieth stitch; it is a buttonhole wheel stitch.

I’ve already been having fun with it. Sharon wrote a wonderful introduction. Her work with this stitch has always been a standout for me. When I first got acquainted with her blog during “a 100 details for 100 days” last year, I was totally fascinated by what she was doing with this stitch. And there were many other crazy quilter’s stitching along with her and using buttonhole wheels to great advantage on their seams.

All I can do with this stitch is to start to follow along behind them. Here is what I stitched yesterday.







More slivers and slices

June 16, 2007

In my on going review of Sharon b’s TSTC stitches via the French knot stitch in week 24, I’m hitting weeks 16 through 20 today. I wish I was flying through my day so fast but I’m way off schedule. I waited until the last minute to do Father’s Day shopping (in the USA on Sunday). I think a lot of other folks did, too, if the line I was standing in was any basis for making a judgement about such things.

Still no positive identification on the variation. I’ve heard of a couple of possibilities. On one I’m trying to a little more research; this one does not look like it is shaping up to be match. On the other I’m waiting for a response to my inquiry for more information; it’s too early to make any evaluation about it. I’m keeping Sharon in the loop and will post as soon as we have any more news. I certainly appreciate all of those who have stopped by to look and pulled out books or checked other sources for information. If you’re looking and find something, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Thank you very much!

Week 16 Palestrina stitch


Week 17 running stitch


Week 18 woven and whipped wheels


Week 19 Basque stitch


Week 20 butterfly chain stitch


More French knots — exploring ideas with the new variation



Following up

May 7, 2007

I did a few things I’d been thinking about this week and followed up on some of the suggestions I received from comments in the last post. Thank you Sharon b and Celeste for these great ideas! Wish I could have carried them out more perfectly, but it’s a start.

I’d used the Cretan stitch as a grid, Sharon b mentioned trying a chevron stitch. Looking at the stitch suggested a number of options for filling it in with a weave or whip. Here’s the one I tried.


Celeste mentioned a great way to do carnations and I love flowers. I don’t think I managed carnations! But it’s like when I’m outside in the woods or fields, I recognize flowers when I see them even if I don’t know what they are. On this embroidery I don’t know what I’ve stitched, but I’m sure they’re flowers.


Some more work on diamond and square wheels


Sharon b also suggested using a chain stitch as a grid for woven leaves. I had to try that, too.


And this was one of my ideas that worked out very differently than I expected.  The picture doesn’t really show that the second red loop is like the first and has the little open center. I’m going to be playing around with this idea a little more. It seems like there might be some potential for an interesting border. If any one has more ideas for me, please let me know; I’d sure have fun experimenting.


Back to wheels…

May 5, 2007

at least for the most part. While playing with lines I kept thinking about using a Cretan stitch for a grid. Finally, tried it! Here are a few of those attempts.




I wanted to take that over to the wheel concept. The Cretan stitch can follow a curve, even if I have a problem making it do that.



Here is another trial without any Cretan stitches, practice curves.


The bead just wouldn’t take as many threads as I wanted to feed through it. I had to settle for a semicircle. But I had a lot of fun with this and called it my blue sunset.


I had to try a flower. It’s not a wheel, but at least it is a small arc. A little weak, but I could see it blowing in the strong spring winds we’ve been having in the central valley the last few days.

Between Knobby and Tangled

May 4, 2007

Where are the wheels? I got so wrapped up in whipping and weaving that I left the wheels behind. I learned a lot from my tests so perhaps I’ll be making better wheels from now on.

Here is the knobby profile


At the right end (in photo above/the top of next photo) I stopped pulling the thread tight to the cloth and left little loops. The highest knob is a double loop. Then I wove a thread back and forth through the loops; they stood upright. Hard for me to catch in a picture but very interesting. I wish I had time to make about ten of these lines scrunched together and overlapping.

tstc18dtagline.png  a look straight down on the same line

trials in grid placement and type of whipping

whipped over


whipped under




the tangles


Square wheels and a mitten

May 3, 2007

These are more attempts at wheels. But done on a cross stitch grid, they look pretty square or rectangular.


They are all whipped — some are whipped over (left) and some are whipped under (right). The shadows on the left give some indication of how much height is gained when whipping over. And the effect looking straight down on the top is similar to the woven, but you don’t have to be concerned with having an odd number of spokes.

Here are some more shapes on a cross stitch grid. The long blue-purple curve is a straight stitch grid where the first and last wrap was whipped over and the middle was whipped under. It produced and interesting texture and is one of my planned experiments when I have a few minutes later.


This sample shows trials like my half and half idea from yesterday, part whipped over and part whipped under on the same grid. The orange thread is whipped over in the middle and whipped under around the edge. The blue-purple, the reverse.


Next is a buttonhole grid for the yellow-green thread. The inner part of the curve is woven, the outer edge whipped under. I forgot to grab beads on my way out the door this morning. So not much practice on that idea yet.


Now the mitten! Another idea about woven and whipped combined. Well, I don’t know what happened to the thumb. But I gave up on the idea of making a pair, in a hurry.