Late and all thumbs

I feel like I’m all thumbs pulling together a post on the work I’ve done on Sharon b‘s April Stitch Explorer. And late…that is putting it mildly.

Here’s some of the fun I had. Given the limited time I’ve had in the last month or so, I didn’t touch the pulled stitch background. I took this opportunity to work on the padded raised stitches of Casalguidi as an extension of last year’s work with raised stitches.


Raised edges with a very flat center by catching the stem stitches into each other. It would have been fun to see how a large bead or marble in the center would have changed this.


Using felt rather than thread to bring various levels of padding to the raised stem stitches. 


Waste canvas ground–a quick imitation of a pulled work background.


Experiments with increase and decrease of  padding width and height.


Fringe or tassel


Raised stem stitches with Parma braid stitching as padding. This makes a squared line rather than the rounded one of the traditional Casalguidi.

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