Green Tea: first experiments with Assisi embroidery

Green tea and Assisi work might not mix in your mind but this design below was my first attempt at doing some innovations with this style of embroidery. And why did the name “Green Tea” stick? Who knows?


I suppose anyone who loves blackwork as much as I do would experiment with Assisi embroidery sooner or later. The design is based on a nine patch and evolved from there. I kept the traditional flavor by using a darker thread to outline the image in the four corners and center.

A lighter thread was used as the background fill and done in a slanted gobelin stitch. Rather than working these stitches left to right across the design, they radiated out from the center. Then another motif was created in the background color in the center of each side. Here the outlining was done in the background thread to keep it from competing with the first motif. The five dots of that second motif are probably rice stitches. This was an attempt to add a subtle perk to the dullness of the background. 

I definitely see some errors and lessons learned in this piece. But I still like the concepts in Assisi embroidery that I was playing with and dreaming over a few years ago.  My hope is that Sharon’s challenge will stir up more thoughts on this fascinating style of embroidery and that we can encourage and inspire each other along the way.

I am still working through comments and appreciate the kindness of so many who not only swing by visiting the blog but also comment. I have received inquiries about how the trellis stitch work was managed around the motif pictured in the last post. It is hard for me to put into words. But anyone interested may use the link to see the addition to that post. I warn you in advance, there are only words and unfortunately no photographs to cover the subject.

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