Spiral trellis and trellis stitches

Sometimes it is humbling to look back at work attempted and find it less than one would wish. That is the case for me with the spiral trellis and trellis stitches. I didn’t post some of the work I tried with it last year. And now Sharon b‘s February Stitch Explorer is urging me back to take another look at it. Please keep checking inon Sharon’s post for links to what other needleworkers are doing with this stitch. I’ll be leaving a comment there as soon as I post some current work. And I hope everyone else will continue to use that means of staying in touch with what is going on. I believe Sharon’s post also mentions a flickr site that helps, too.

To those of you who saw my first post on the February challenge before Maureen of Moonsilk Stitches left me the comment about using the reverse chain stitch rather than the chain stitch for the foundation: please do check the post for her comment and explanation of why it works better than the chain stitch. Many thanks to Maureen for this thoughtful comment. Please do swing by her blog and the Plimonth Plantation work if you’re not familiar with them.

Here are some photos of the work I did year. I was struggling with the smaller circles and my final resolution was to use the regular trellis stitch to making them.

The cooling of the liquid as it flows out of the cup and begins to pool.


Headlong  — an excuse to try more of the spiral trellis stitches. The multicolored ones at the left started as squares and moved into the spiral. The all green shape rises into a nice little peak. The photo angle just doesn’t capture that.


Another attempt at spiraling the smaller circles.  The background texture is the detached buttonhole stitch, I think. It was surprisingly simple to move around the shapes with that technique and get fairly good coverage around the edges. This is just a small portion of a larger piece I’m working on. I can’t remember if I posted photos of it or not. I’m hoping to finish off the whole thing in the next week or two.



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