Winding up and what next?

Winding up

Winding up chicken scratch has been fun. I loved the round up post Sharon b did on the January Stitch Explorer. I thought I had been keeping up with all those participating. But I found some new participants and some posts from others that I’d not seen. 






What is next?

Sharon b’s February’s Stitch Explorer Challenge is the trellis stitch. If you haven’t joined in the challenge yet, why not try this stitch? As Sharon says, it adds texture. Please click on her link in this paragraph to learn more about the stitch and the SE challenge.

I learned this stitch last year after reading Jeanne‘s stitch study posts on the spiral trellis stitch. Jeanne recently finished a beautiful sampler using the spiral trellis stitch in three different spots, I think. It is well worth seeing as is her tutorial that Sharon mentions. Many thanks for teaching me, Jeanne.

The stitch fascinated me then and I did a few tests. But I didn’t do a lot of exploration at that time. I did have a lot of ideas about what I wanted to try…sometime.

One interesting thing I found out yesterday is that the chain stitch may be used as the base stitch. I found this information in Darlene O’Steen’s The Proper Stitch. Many thanks to Darlene for that book that has been so useful to me for a number of years now.

The reason I like the thought of using the chain stitch is that then there are two useful loops around the shape. The outside loop may provide a fininshed look to the edge with out additional stitching. Or it may be used for the start of additional shapes in the opposite direction. For instance, petals surrounding the center of a flower.


2 Responses to Winding up and what next?

  1. Jeanne says:

    You’re welcome! Yes, my sampler used spiral trellis in a few spots and regular (straight) trellis, also. I look forward to seeing it used in some non-traditional ways!

  2. Marjorie says:

    We were told to use reverse chain stitch when I did a sample of trellis stitch for the Plimoth Plantation jacket project. Apparently reverse chain provides more control over stitch size and a more stable stitch (I purchased a sample kit from them with materials and instructions for a trial sample of my stitching (in case I wished to go there and work on the jacket)plus a butterfly scissors fob project. It is well worth the money because the instructions by Tricia Wilson Nguyen are wonderful and the materials generous.)

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