Improvements? always a questionable subject

If something states “new and improved” on the box, it’s always an open question in my mind. I’m no doubt mumbling, I see for myself. And just the case with my embroidery, I’m always questioning if I’m making improvements or not. Perhaps the boxes at the store should be labeled: Alert! Changes made. That’s the state of my embroidery today. I’m not sure everything was an improvement but changes have been made. I’ll let you judge the improvement angle for for yourself.

Here is a line from my previous post.


I only made a minor adjustment at first and did the peaks and valleys opposite of each other.


I thought it played up the check pattern better but I’d noticed that the only way to have the red stitching fall in the same colored square each time was to stitch it into the mid-value squares that would naturally accommodate the pattern.

I did that and changed the looping. this is one of my favorite changes. I see so many possibilities in it, both as a fill and a border.


Now remember this row? The area between the four petal flowers looked awkward to me.


I tried two ideas on this. I liked the first better than the second. I just didn’t know that until I tried it.


And the final one drawn from the last post for today’s post is below.


What did I think could be improved? The separation of the thread in the figure 8 looping. Would it be possible to eliminate the double looping by using a Perle 5? And then I got this additional idea that really changed things. What if I used a red double cross stitch rather than a boss stitch.


This reminded me of a snowflake and a stormy February day.


One Response to Improvements? always a questionable subject

  1. Maureen Bond says:

    Great examples Elizabeth. I like them all and think the first figure 8 with the Boss stitch looks Celtic while the lower one is more snowflake like.

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