Improvement and improving

My chicken scratch samples from the past few days are needing improvement. I thought it would be fun to take some of those that didn’t turn out well and see what could be improved in the next few days.

Here are the samples.


This is one above is going to be my top target for improvement. The one below I’m not sure what to do with yet. I’d been wanting to try some dots in the middle of the squares for loops. This was my first try. Definitely room for improvement.


The little design below appeals to me but it has no spark. It may be the ground or … I just thought of an idea. I have to dig out the needle and thread and see how it works.


Back to borders again with this line below.  I’m out of my red perle 8. The substitute which is the thread I was using on the fabric above doesn’t seem sufficient for this blue check fabric or the white perle 5. But I like the basic border idea. And more could be done with that, too.


Next is the one attempted improvement in today’s post. It is a corner from the last post. I can see it working as a fill. Still not thrilled over the eights.  I think they may need to be reworked. It may be a place for my dot in the middle of the square. And scrapping the interweaving would help. 


The last one? I tried a new thought out on this. The wrap on the cross stitches is to carry the color more fully. I woke up having dreamed of a very simple improvement for this. I’ll have to see if it helps. The middle is made up of fly stitches and cross stitches top and bottom rows. The white squares in the middle don’t have cross stitches only intersecting fly stitch tails. Maybe I could change them to cross stitches and use a dot in the middle…




One Response to Improvement and improving

  1. neki rivera says:

    warning! unsolicited idea ahead!

    just a thought,
    you could use a sheer fabric let’s say organza,print it in a checkered pattern and then chicken scratch all over.
    bcse the checks will be very subtle and the stitching will stand out.good for some beading too.

    neki desu

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