Loops around chicken scratch

I’m dreaming of loops around chicken scratch. In my dreams, they all look perfect. When I wake up some work and some don’t. I keep right on going and trying a few more. As you may notice despite the dreams, this is school girl mode with a couple of  stitches–rice, fly and reverse fly.


I threw in a couple of French knots but wished for beads. If the bead store had been open, I would have jumped in the car and been there.


Another corner a variation on the theme.


This one above still needs something. It may need to be more than a corner before I see whether it should live or die.


This one seems so plain in many ways. It could easily be beaded up. Perhaps I’ll wait until I can find red beads for the centers of the reverse fly stitches. Or three beads each for the center loops in the bottom and top rows. In its plainness, it survives as my favorite even in morning light.  



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