Stitches and chicken scratch

Neki Desu asked me a great question more than a few days ago. How she patiently puts up with me I never understand, but I’m thankful for it. If you aren’t familiar with her work please do swing by to see both her website and blog.

Her question was in response to reading this post about color and fly stitches. She wrote: hmm so you can practically use any stitch,  can’t you? 

I’m a break-or-bend-the-rules kind of person in so many ways when it comes to stitches and how to make them. So it seems like I should say yes. But I surprised myself and said, no. I don’t think all stitches can stand up to the tension lacing puts on them. And not all stitches provide places for loops in convenient places.
Playtime with chicken scratch in Sharon b‘s Stitch Explorer challenge is about half over and I still see more stitches I’d like to use in experiments. I’ve been keeping a little grid to the side of what I want to try. Of course, some I’ve already worked with, while others have not been put to the test yet.
Right now my thoughts are too limited. That why it is great to be working along with a whole group of stitchers.  Annet over at Fat Quarters posted a comment that took me skipping over to see what she’d done with stars. And it helped me solve the problem I was struggling with in my blue diamonds where I needed to make white loopings that contrasted with the red. Many thanks, Annet.
Please do run over to see the wonderful work Annet is doing with chicken scratch, if you haven’t already seen it. It is here, here and here.
Leslie at is doing great work with chicken scratch here. This is one of those pieces I look at and wish I could reach right out and touch, too. Great textures.
And Valerie did an intriguing piece that I love here.
Every time I mention some of the inspiring work I’ve see, I’m leaving out so much more so please do keep checking back with Sharon’s original post. And if you’re working with chicken scratch I hope you’ll post a comment there so we can find you. 

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