Hearts and color

Somehow the loops I started making with the hearts in the last post lead to more thoughts along the same line. My time is has been limited in the last few days. However, thankfully I’ve hit some wait points along the way. That allowed a little time for trying out some of those thoughts.


These loops remind me of little bows.


Two more hearts. I didn’t have any red perle 5 handy, so I tried doubling the perle 8–sadly not very skillfully.


In the areas with the white double cross stitches, I was able to try a more delicate looping in the red perle 8.


I’ve been mentioning that I’m planning to make color one of my study topics this year. Here are two links I found interesting in that regard.

The first in chicken scratch experiments.

Virginia at Luna’s Baublebilites did a post using a lovely vintage fabric and great experiments with chicken scratch in this post.

The second in regard to the broader subject itself.

Orna Willis at Ornamentshas just started a weekly series on color. Do please stop by to read the announcement and see what’s going on, if you haven’t already seen it.

Many thanks ladies!

And many thanks to all of those continuing with chicken scratch experiments. One I was particularly excited about was Mandie’s work with lettering in this post. Please keep checking back with Sharon b‘s original January Stitch Explorer’s post for more chicken scratch work. I’m so pleased with what I’m seeing popping up there as people add their comments with links. Here I’m passing over so many others that are excellent and have been inspiring to me, I’m thankful for everyone linking back to Sharon.


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  1. […] Elizabeth of Quieter Moments blog has figured out how to chickenscratch loopy hearts. Cool! Get the details. […]

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