Corrections and hearts

Sorry to have been absent from the blog the last several days. My dad has been rather unsettled but things are looking up and he has some new things to try. In the meantime, I’ve done very little other than make some corrections to the chicken scratch posts. I think I’ve corrected all the references to eyelet stitches to double cross stitches now, but if you find any I missed please let me know.

Do you ever have dreams that wake you up knowing you have to fix or attend to something? That’s what happened to me on this. I knew the stitch but I was calling it by the wrong name in my all the posts. The dream was so startling that I woke and sat bolt upright, sure enough the dream was true. Please forgive me if I’ve caused you any confusion.

Just before this turn of events for my dad, I’d had the opportunity to go to a local fabric store. I was looking for material for chicken scratch. I wanted a slightly larger check than the charcoal and cream fabric provided and something that was substantial enough that it didn’t have to go into a hoop like the aqua gingham.

This is what I found.


I like the weave. This photo doesn’t pick it up entirely but there are two different weaves. It is most easily seen on the navy threads going vertically as opposed to those going horizontally. On the other side of the fabric there are very dark lines and very light lines so that the checked pattern is less pronounced.

Here is the chicken scratch that I tried.


I’d seen so many patterns with the chicken scratch squares being filled in to make heart shapes that it made me curious to see if it would work for the looping also.

And as you may notice I’m still using this to further some of my color study objectives for this year. I’m learning more about what makes chicken scratch work and so much of it revolves around color.


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