Sharon b’s Stitch Explorer Challenge

I’m so excited about the chicken scratch work already showing up in the comments on Sharon b‘s January Stitch Explorer post.  I hope everyone will take a look, follow the links and see whats going on. From what I’ve seen there are new ways of looking at chicken scratch in the making.

I found a color test, some new looping and ribbon looping threads from Diane Matheson. And there is a great idea for a ground from Diane Roeder. And I’m just mentioning a couple of things briefly. There is more there to see, and probably by now even more than when I last looked. Sharon’s own samples have been firing up my imagination since Wednesday (us, west coast). Many thanks Diane and Diane and to all those involved in the challenge who are linking right back to Sharon’s post so others can find you. If you haven’t joined in the Stitch Explorer challenge, here’s a link to the details.

I’m still in learning mode about this type of embroidery. I’d tentatively thought about taking some more time with it this year. But now it is sooner rather than later in the year and I need to get busy and pull out some fabric and thread.


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