Long cross: diagonal

Last night I was wishing for a tiny delicate plaited stitch for a border. I began working with the basket stitch, but it was too bulky. So I started playing with an old idea–one quarter of a rice stitch or a cross stitch with one long arm. It was the right kind of chilly January evening to playing with a thread that always reminds me of winter’s tans and purple-grays.


The second band is the basket stitch. I should have probably pulled up some old samples on the rice stitch. But some times its nice to revisit an old trial to see if anything fresh comes to mind. 




One single stitch by itself? I ran out of time but I’ve marked it to try something more soon. 

As these photos show this is more like a spot sampler. Each row is no more than about an inch across on 32-count linen. I put down just enough to give an idea of the pattern developing and then move on to the next line.



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