Color tests

I tried some color tests a couple of weeks or so ago. And in the meantime someone suggested trying tests with a rice stitch. Playing with three colors is easily possible when making rice stitches over four threads. Since the rice stitch is one of my favorite stitches, I couldn’t resist putting three threads to the test.


The test worked great, sadly the experiments haven’t photographed well. There is more of a rusty peach look to the colors than photos captured. One of the fun ways I tested it was looking at it from a distance where I couldn’t see it distinctly and then slowly walking closer until I could see every stitch.

I want to spend time this year studying color. I have several books I want to plunge into. I don’t know if more formal study will be possible, but I’m looking around for opportunities.

I started using canvas for these tests but I think I will transfer over to a linen ground since that is usually what I work with. These are colors that I’m using in my hardanger piece. One thing that has caught my attention is the difference the ground color makes. The hardanger piece is on fabric matching the middle thread. The white canvas I’m using here makes a difference. I should love to be expert enough to try painting the canvas and doing more tests along that line.

Here’s a close up of what was happening. Tests 1 and 2 used the darkest thread as the initial cross of rice stitch. Tests 3 and 4 used the middle thread and 5 and 6, the lightest thread for the base cross.



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