A stitch: continuous unbroken lines

I decided to take the “A” stitch in a new direction and start playing with continuous unbroken lines. As I was thinking more about the way the stitch “A” stitch was made, the up and down buttonhole stitch came to mind. It has a similar action in the way the thread is worked back though the loop. It seemed reasonable that if it is like a buttonhole stitch I should be able to make it in a continuous unbroken line.

These samples are the results.




From a distance a little distance.


Next planned post Thursday. I’m planning to work with waves and curves today and tomorrow.

One Response to A stitch: continuous unbroken lines

  1. Marty52 says:

    These really are special worked in a line… I especially like the ones that mirror each other, one row on top of the other. It really does remind me of the mirrored buttonhole stitch.

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