Couching…oops day dreaming too much

I enjoy couching threads. From thin threads in patterns to fill up an area quickly to thick threads to form a line or border, I have fun with it all. The piece I’ve just been working had a number of experiments on couching thicker threads.

I did a couple of diagrams. The black lines represent the threads being couched. Oops! Update: Day dreams aren’t allowed when writing instructions. I woke up with a start, realizing I need a new diagram. It is coming soon!  Update: It is here now. The diagram below is the corrected version. To anyone who tried the original version and ended up with a frustrating mess, please accept my apology and forgive me.


The middle thread isn’t couched but threaded though the stitches numbered 3-4, 9-10 and 15-16.


Below is the same basic couching pattern for this experiment but no middle thread was used. It looks much more like the way the diagram above should look.


The second diagram is a Chevron variation that I’ve been using lately.


In this sample the stitching is mirrored.


In this next sample the stitching is more like the diagram but I caught it at a strange angle. I placed a small fly stitch above the flat part of the stitch. I would love to try beading the small place between the flats. And it would be easy to eliminate the small gap between the flat stitches.  Perhaps that’s why I like couching threads, there are so many options.


So much can be adjusted. I’m usually thinking about how much color from the couched thread I want showing up in the piece. I move stitches closer together or further apart based on that. Or perhaps I chose a thread that is very thin and matches the color of the thread being couched.

Next scheduled post: Wednesday (us, west coast)


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