Still dreaming

Perhaps I’m merely drawing air castles with needle and thread. Last evening I was adding a little more to my dream and thinking about what I could do with four threads and limited colors.


I decided I could couch threads and let a little more or less of the couched colors show through. I tried more needleweaving. With that, using two colors, I trying to allow the overdyed areas move into a third and then fourth color. I also wanted to vary the stitches while keeping continuity with the first block. You might catch sight of a couple of new stitches slipping into the mix.


I also tried more practice on the spiral trellis and detached buttonhole stitches that Jeanne has been covering in her stitch study series. Please do pop over, if you haven’t caught them already. Another post  in the series just came out yesterday. I love what I’m learning about these texture loaded stitches. Many thanks, Jeanne ! 

The photo below show that area in my work from last night. More practice is in order for me. 


No dreams tonight.  My break is over. I’m back to “school girl” blackwork and hardanger tonight. But I’m planning to return to this piece.


2 Responses to Still dreaming

  1. anne says:

    I like your colors!!It’s so beautiful, Elizabeth!!!

  2. paulahewitt says:

    lovely colours and texture

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