Dreaming with needle in hand

Dreaming with needle in hand sounds dangerous. But what I mean is that sometimes I wish to relax and day dream with needle in hand–a relaxed alert. That’s just the opportunity I had yesterday evening. This piece needs some more work but the photo reflects its current state. I’ve used a number of the stitches I’ve been working on lately.


Here is a close up of a variation of a half Chevron stitch I’ve been experimenting with. I’ve used it to couch a thread of pima cotton running through a tubular nylon thread. Directly above it are a tiny fly stitches.


Here is a close up of the tubular nylon thread. It’s threaded with a three ply pima cotton thread here. The nylon thread is very stretchy so this pima cotton goes through easily. As you can see there is plenty of room for expansion. The nylon is very light blue color, the photos unfortunately don’t capture much of how the light plays against the thread.


The photo directly above and also below show a variation of a detached cable stitch used to couch threads. Below on the right, I’ve filled in the area with slanted weaving against the couched threads. 


I’m stitching on two other projects–one blackwork, the other hardanger. They are monopolizing most of my attention at the moment. But yesterday and today I decide I needed to break away, relax and stitch to my heart’s content.


2 Responses to Dreaming with needle in hand

  1. Pierrette says:

    I really love your choice of colors and stitches. Looks fantastic so far :-)

    Pierrette =^..^=

  2. Marty52 says:

    Oooooo Elizabeth, this is wonderful… there is so much going on in such a small space! I really like the three rows of couching with the detached cable stitch… would you mind doing a post about how you did it? Pretty please?

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