November – December TIF

Oops, where am I? I’m here stitching all manner of things I can’t show photos of today. We are having gray, wet fog in the central valley today. I was out raking leaves with the energy I could muster. I had time today to check on my bloglines and find Sharon b‘s December TIF. I do think my bloglines went slightly crazy. Today it says I’ve 3,671 posts to read. I can’t be that far behind.

And I was so delighted with Sharon’s concept of generosity. It’s a perfect month to think about this. For me it ties in with both Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations.  I was thinking, what could illustrate that concept?

Probably because on my blackwork sampler I’ve been diligently removing all the handshaking motifs and replacing them with other designs, hands are the first thing that popped into my mind. Hands that give and hands that receive. Something pouring from one set of hands to another.

And then I happened to glance again at Sharon’s photo. She gave me the perfect solution. I’m going to translate the red ornament into queen stitches. The oval shape is an “O” for my November TIF where the design was to be based on typography. And the inside of the ornament represents two hearts with a funnel between them. Do you see it? To me it captures the idea of generosity–the pouring out of something good from one heart to another. I’m going to see where my sketches take me.


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