Playing with shapes

November 3, 2008

I was at loose ends in my stitching this weekend. It’s not that I didn’t have several “should” projects on the table. But I couldn’t seem to get anywhere with any of them. I got a few steps further on a couple of things that needed attention, but nothing was fun. I finally said to myself, I will make a small doodle in order to stitch something.

I didn’t have anything particular in mind. I tried playing with a couple of cross stitches. I made a little pattern with the stitches themselves until the original doodle emerged. If you’d like to follow my thought process, I have it numbered in the second photo. I suppose even the thoughts of the original doodle could be broken down in a somewhat similar manner.

I suppose this might not be relaxing or fun to others but it is just my cup of tea–very relaxing and my mind just drifts along caught up by the shapes appearing out of the stitching. 

I won’t say choosing colors was relaxing. I had just picked up an over dyed thread for the original doodle without a lot of thought about anything more that a very simple doodle. To get the colors for the positive “a” shape, I resorted to pulling out the threads from a piece of scrim I had. That has left its own interesting pattern in the scrim.

I also learned a valuable lesson about using a neutral instead of a color for the small border lines or key lines. I won’t mention how long it took before I came to the conclusion that was the best possible choice and how dark it had to be. But there were multiple trials. If I’d had light outside, I would have been grabbing photos as I went through the various color auditions.