Other threads and a detach cable stitch

About all that is going on with the detached cable stitch variation are a few experiments with various threads. I don’t know why but recently I’ve been more willing to experiment with alternative threads. Some times I’m unraveling threads to get extra textures. I’ve been pulling threads out of an old blanket and some scrim. And then, too, I’ve making threads out of fabric strips; so far these have not been pleasing me. These experiments have been with quilting weight cottons. I think I need to go to semi-transparent fabrics.



I’m feeling very restless in my stitching work at the moment. I’m stitching on a blackwork sampler. But it is not my own design and that is far from my norm. It is teaching me some things about how things must be designed for blackwork to be reversible. It is based on a old sampler, but I’m taking my liberty on the arrangement of the various motifs.

There is a great series of stitch study posts that Jeanne at Just String launched. This one is the detached buttonhole stitch. Previous to this one she did a post on the spiral trellis stitch both well worth reading. If you haven’t already seen them, do take time to swing by. I’d like to get my needle and thread and follow right behind her examples.  Many thanks for these excellent posts, Jeanne!


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