Details and detailing

I’m not a person who enjoys finishing my needlework project into some practical object. I love stitching, but the finishing involves all these little unseen details that need to be attended to. However, since Christmas and giving gifts is on my mind, I’ve been paying attention to the details that allow corners to be square, seams to be flat and “wear and tear” spots to be re-enforced.

While I was working with this item. I was noticing some of the details that I’m almost unthinkingly willing to put into a design. For instance, the one over one purple stitch on the top border.



Here I wanted the center flower on each outer border to stand out more than the other two. So I added a fly stitch to each outlined rice stitch. I’m not sure if that succeeded.

Another detail factor is consistently crossing all the cross stitches.  I accomplished that but failed to consistently weave the little white pyramid shapes along those same borders. That catches my eye in the wrong way just like an unsquared corner.


I’ve been stitching a blackwork sampler in all the spare moments I have. Details abound in this piece. It’s almost a game to see if I can find the main trail, take each side turn at the right time and turn around to backtrack before I go too far down those side trails.

Now where is something I can stitch and forget about details?


2 Responses to Details and detailing

  1. Marty52 says:

    Ahhh… but the stitching IS the details, it’s all about the details! But sometimes it does get tedious, doesn’t it? ***sigh*** ;0)

    Love this piece you are working on, I hope we get to see a full length portrait!

  2. MargB says:

    Your stitching, as ever , blows me away! It is amazing! The detail and details are beautiful. but I do understand what you are saying about the need to concentrate on each detail – it makes you worry that concentrating on each you just might be forgetting the big picture but it is really what makes that wonderful big picture after all!
    you know, I am going to have to print these out as I can’t decide on may favourite section – and need to mull over each detail!!!

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