Detached cable stitch and variation: experimenting

Over the weekend I was disappointed to find I wasn’t to be ready to take the variation of the detached cable stitch off grid. I attempted some off grid work with it, but it didn’t hold up. For me that usually means one thing, I haven’t spent enough time with a stitch in school girl exercises to understand a stitch’s limits and capabilities. As a result all of samples in today’s post are experimentation on a counted ground.


In the first sample I did a comparison between the detached cable stitch and the variation of it that I’ve been using. I love the solid feel of the detached cable stitch couching on the left. The middle couched thread in this sample rests on the detached cable stitches. The middle couched thread in the variation rests on the fabric. It is wider, flatter and more flexible.

Here are the other samples–nothing outstanding. Basically all are various tests about what I could do with the stitch. I did get rather carried away with working a mirror in the same holes as the original. I also did a variation on the variation by moving off the straight line with the beginning of the third stitch. (If interested you may see this post for the step-by-step where I use these terms). 




I forgot that I tried adding detached chain stitches to the ends of detached cable stitch. It can be done very fast in one continuous action.

Next scheduled post: Saturday (us, west coast). My original header photo is still missing in action. I had to create a substitute. I suppose this is a lesson for me that some photos need to be titled more appropriately so they may be found more easily when needed. And who knows what the original color of the text was–another lesson. UPDATE: Sorry to have had to move next scheduled post to Monday (us, west coast) due to unexpected work situation.


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