Step by step on a detached cable stitch variation

Here is a quick tutorial on a detached cable stitch variation I mentioned earlier today in an post showing stitched samples. The one draw back to this photographed step by step is that is hard to see that I’m working in one straight line on this sample. So when viewing the photos keep in mind that although the needle and stitching thread are sometimes hiding it, I’m working everything along one horizontal thread.

I started over four threads back two threads.


Pulled through.

Please note the thread for the middle stitch may go over the first stitch or below it. I think the major thing is to be consistent so that both ends of the middle stitch are the same side of the first and third stitch.


The step below is why I consider this a variation of the cable stitch. I think if I were doing a normal cable stitch, the point of the needle would be coming up at the same place the first stitch ended. The cable stitch is a great stitch as well as the chained border stitch. Neither stitch should be confused with the cable chain stitch, although perhaps some connection may dawn on me sometime later. 


I think a detached cable stitch would be fun to experiment with. It would allow a height variation for a center couched thread. I’m excited about the possibilities for weaving and interlacing as well.

This next step shows the middle stitch pulled through and the start of finishing the third stitch.




If you saw the early sample post, you’ll already know that I experimented with a lot with variations for the first and last parts of this stitch. It’s a quick stable stitch so there is a lot of room for play.

Next scheduled post: Monday (us, west coast)

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