Detached cable stitch with variation

I think the stitch I’ve been experimenting with would be a variation on a detached cable stitch. But I’m willing to be corrected. Sometimes it is so hard for me to choose the right category. I started making it because I was playing with the half chevron stitch and it seemed like a flat half chevron to me.

Regardless of the name, I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. These are my school girl exercises using a 100/3 silk thread.


Not much to look at. But look what happened when I moved it over to into a pima cotton and played with these variations. I want to take this stitch off grid as soon as I have time. There are several places to couch other threads in any of these variations. Some of them would be suitable for lacing or interweaving as well. In the samples below I did couch some threads as well as adding straight stitches to some of them.




I’ll do a quick tutorial on the stitch itself in a separate post later in the day.

One Response to Detached cable stitch with variation

  1. Marty52 says:

    Yum… I see some definite contenders for seam treatments here!

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