Preliminary thoughts on SharonB’s November’s TIF

I was giving some preliminary thought to  Sharon b’s November TIF in the last four or five days. In this month’s challlenge Sharon said, use typography as an inspiration for a piece.

I was debating about stitching a design using just one letter or using one letter multiple times. That make me think about doing a piece using just one stitch that resembled a letter. So many embroidery stitches naturally form letters. The straight, fly stitch arrow stitch and cross stitch are readily identifiable letters in my language.


Then I began brainstorming about other possibilities.

The Breton stitch. I’m currently leaning toward this one since I certainly need to practice it too. Oops, I just noticed the straight stitches on the lower right. Please ignore them.


The Chevron and half chevron stitch which I favored over the herringbone which could have done some similar letters. 



I got carried away by these two stitches and will probably post some of the work I did with them on Wednesday (us, west coast).

Many thanks for the comments and suggestions on the balancing issues from Friday’s post. I have spent some great hours cutting and pasting based on these suggestions as well as some from emails. Many thanks to everyone who added to this. It has been a great help to me. If anyone would still like to add something please do. I’m still working if I was engaged by a fascinating puzzle.


One Response to Preliminary thoughts on SharonB’s November’s TIF

  1. anne says:

    So creative Elizabeth, always trying to use very many stitches!!!

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