Playing with balance

I’ve been worked with the embroidery design from Monday’s post in the last few days. The photo below shows the current state of affairs.


I’m feeling uncertain about what is happening with the balance. In my sometimes backward way of doing things, I’m now working with the photo below and playing ‘what ifing’ or ‘second guessing’ all over again. What do you think? How could I bring better balance to this piece? Or what were the flaws from the beginning?

I like the minimal look. The blank fabric areas please me. I like the repeat of the original doodle in the upper left that can be seen in the photo above where it appears on the lower right. Once I got past that spot and stitching down the straight key lines, I couldn’t stop working but I was no longer liking it. However, there is not much to rip out if I decided to do that. And if I want to restitch in a different color scheme the stitching doesn’t take long. This is perhaps 3 or 4 inches square.



4 Responses to Playing with balance

  1. tenar72 says:

    Honestly, I don’t think there is anything wrong with the balance. I like this very much. But If you want to stitch it again, I would try making the whole outer square just a bit bigger, and prolong the areas toughing the border so that they still tough it. I think it will look even better when the motif gets more “space” this way. But that’s only my oppinion, and contrary to you, I never had formal lessons on design.

  2. Marty52 says:

    Well, if it was me stitching this lovely little thing, I would repeat the black curlicues in the blank space in the lower left area to balance it out. But, I too, like it just the way it is!

  3. cat says:

    I absolutely love this piece. Truly, just the way it is. You know what I did, just for fun, I turned the computer upside down and on it’s side to get different views of it. And what occurred to me was that the “flow” of the piece changes based on which is the top. Aligned as it is the flow is downward for me. But in another position it flows in a different way – i just though it was interesting. You know, I like your blank spaces too. It occurred to me that you could play with breaking the boundary with the black curls, if you wanted to just tilt the balance a little… But I love it, just the way it is. Truly.

  4. neki rivera says:

    oh i’m in love!!!.
    Tenar’s idea of doing it again but with the frame a bit wider might give you another stunner.
    do not please touch anything in either one.

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