Knotted diamond stitch: day 2

I’ve been having fun and struggles with the knotted diamond stitch. As the samples below indicate I haven’t hit my stride in controling the tension on the thread. Looking at the photos when was preparing the posts made me realized how much I need to practice situating the knots, too.  Despite all that I’m excited about what this stitch can do. The texture is wonderful. And I want to try more couching experiments.

In the photo above I switched to perle 8 and 5 cotton. It is has less play than the pima cotton and is easier for me to work with. However, the samples below are all pima cotton.

This photo below shows a double diamond pattern. I like the broad line.


I have so enjoyed the discussion on beauty. All of the comments are ending up in my journal with my own notes. And I want to read more on the subject to explore it further. If anyone has suggestions for good books or essays, I’m taking recommendations. Thanks very much.

Next scheduled post: Monday (us, west coast)

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