October FIT and uglies

I’ve been thinking about SharonB‘s October TIF challenge.  She had two questions about our textile work space. The first, how do you feel about it? The second, what role does it play in your life? 

At the beginning of the month I couldn’t even capture a single idea about it. The first question seemed easier than the second. I have everything at my finger tips when I’m stitching. I have good light and a fairly comfortable seat for stitching. There are a couple of books within arms reach for easy reference. More are close by. Supplies are handy.

Every day has it’s problems and duties and as I’m out and about I usually have something with me so I can sketch or stitch if I have a few down spots along the way. But when I get home and can actually sit down to stitch in my work spot, it feels like I’ve flown away to a little nest. It’s a safe spot and from there I can concentrate on the work at hand.

I think I do my best work there. I find it much harder to make progress or experiment when I’m on the go or in another place. Other things are distracting me. And when there are no other distractions, my own thoughts tend to scatter more than when I’m in my normal place. I don’t have supplies readily available. Sometimes the lighting is a problem, too. 

As I began thinking along these lines, my sketches for the October FIT have been based on this photo I took sometime last year. I lost the original and had to try and reconstruct it so I suppose to some degree the sketches based on my imagination as my thoughts keep going back to original photo.

I’ll probably post an update with those sketches when I think about Sharon’s second question more. I’m still working on September’s TIF.

In the original photo the house was lined up so that it reminded me of a bird’s nest perched in the tree.  

Now to turn a corner…

I think my ugliest stitching to date is finished. 

I almost backed out of posting it. But I need it as a reminder of how much I can learn from a project that should have hit the scrap pile long before this point. I learned some lessons about color, about mixing stitches within a piece and some new thoughts occurred while I was using one of the raised chain stitches on the piece.

When I decided that I couldn’t turn it around, I actually enjoyed doing what I could with it. I didn’t spend lot of time on it, but the time I did use allowed some lessons to sink in deeply. It allowed me to see some of my design teacher’s cautions to me worked out in a way that I now know with certainty why she wisely gave them to me. And that is a good understanding to gain.

Next scheduled post: Monday (us, west coast)

One Response to October FIT and uglies

  1. Nancilyn says:

    And this is ugly because—–?
    I see all kinds of hidden surprises, and I think a minimal use of contrast or accent color is a useful effect.

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