Round about again

Another round chicken scratch post. I was going to do a post on another grid that was used in my original post and then I saw that I’d not exausted the first flower grid. 


As you can see in the photos above and below, I had lots of fun with designs on just one flower grid. However, I had to use a border grid slightly modified from the one in the previous post to do the work in the photo above.

Here’s a photo of that grid and the start of the loops.


But what if I started the loops in a different place.

That’s what I did with the shapes in the top photo and the lower left of of the second photo.  The loop starts under one of the straight stitches in the center of the grid. Except at the start (s) and the end (e), the needle never goes back through the fabric but just slips under the straight stitch. When you get to “5” continue the pattern until arriving at the starting place and bring your thread down through the fabric. Pulling aside the straight stitch will hide your start and finish. In the following examples “c” means continue until arriving at the starting place.

All I’ve added is a loop around the center grid. This would be easily beaded, I think, so I’ll have to try and see.


In the example above and in the following examples “c” means continue until arriving at the starting place.

These loops are from the edge, to the opposite edge and back again and then must repeat at the next two edge stitches. In the center I did some interweaving, one loop over and then under the existing loops.  


The last examples for today’s post are below. The only difference between them is one has an extra loop around the inside of the grid and the other on the outside straight stitches of the grid. I think it would be fun to do a border that only had three prongs completed and not bother with the second start shown in the example.

If you experiment with any of this, please let me know, I’d love to see what you do. And if anything isn’t clear, please let me know that as well. I’d be glad to help as much as I’m able. 

I’ve gone beyond what would be done in regular chicken scratch because that work is usually for decorating garments that needed to stand up to daily use and washing. I’m using this primarily for something that will not get that kind of daily usage. While some of these samples would probably stand up to it, others definitely would not.

While I’m thinking about the real chicken scratch again I will mention a little more research I did on it yesterday. First, I remembered SharonB’s stitchin fingers might be a resource. And so it was. I found Karri at Karri Made has gone a great tutorial on two bookmarks. And from there I found Kay Susan had done some lovely work and has a great poston chicken scratch. Many thanks to Karri and Kay Susan!

One of the most interesting instructions leaflets on chicken scratch I’ve seen is on Lace’n’ Ribbon Roses blog. CC also has a couple of motifs in this post and the cutest duck embroidery here. Many thanks to CC and to Mary Corbet at Needle n’ Thread for pointing me over in that direction.

Next scheduled post: Friday (us, west coast)


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  1. tenar72 says:

    Your blog is a neverending source of inspiration. Thanks.

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